COVID suspends 9X6 Photo Prints (for now)

Introducing 50 X 70 cm Poster Prints!

These are a little different - and sometimes they will include Text.  

Are you stuck with some poster frames that you want to update the content for but you can't find anything that fits?  

Introducing 50x70 cm Poster Prints!

50X70 is a standard poster format for a lot of European and other areas, and so if you've bought framed prints from Ikea or other importers and you want to refresh the contents, here's a great way to do it!

Printed on premium quality matte finish poster paper using a giclée process (similar to High quality canvas prints). 

They are bright with deep rich color renderings and perfect for the office, home office, or those looking for something to put into existing poster frames.

There are 4 in the lineup so far.  

Allow 2-3 weeks for Delivery of your Poster order from ordering date

Shipped directly from the printer, or you can put a note in your order if you want them signed... and I'll route them by the home office to sign them (allow 2-5 business day delay for this though).



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