About Me

My vision is to produce and share high quality pieces that you can enjoy in your personal or shared space.


Who I am:

  • Born in Montreal but grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Currently living and working in Ottawa, Ontario (for over 30 years now).
  • I have been developing my photographic voice, and techniques for over 40 years.

My Goals:

  • Provide you with a high-quality finished image that I would be proud to display in my own space, and therefore, yours. My printing partners, the materials, and the processes they use are all carefully researched before being chosen.
  • Source as much as possible from Canada, where I live. I am mindful of the environmental and social impact that international commerce and product sourcing have. I aim to reduce the impact of my business on these environments as much as possible.

Each of my product offerings is inspected by me personally before it gets sent to you.

I initial my Art Prints and Photographic Prints to show that I feel they are suitable for sharing.