About Me

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. In fact, I am usually more comfortable looking through a camera than anything else. My goal is to share some of my work with you hopefully in ways that you can enjoy and share with others. 

All of my pieces are initialed by me to show I felt them suitable for sharing. I usually reproduce my works in two different ways, traditional photographic prints whereby chemically coated paper is exposed to a negative image and developed; and more recently, a technique called giclée - an inkjet printing process using archival inks - in my case on canvas.

Most of my work uses a format that closely follows the pixel ratio of my digital camera, which is roughly 3:2. This means that for any given printing size, you are given as much of the original image as possible. Most of my prints are offered in 3 size groups: 6X9, 8X12 and 12X18. I know these sizes typically require custom framing, which can be expensive, so I offer them as already-framed prints, and if you want to save on framing, canvas prints (that giclée method I mentioned earlier) are an option.

A little about me:

  • I was born in Montreal but grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • I am currently living and working in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Throughout the years I have been asked to sell my works.
  • This is my first go at running an online shop. Over time I hope it gets better. Please forgive any obvious blunders.
  • You may notice that there is a product line or two dedicated to a stuffed bear.  His name is Biff da Bear and we have had a working relationship - for lack of a better term - for several years now.
  • I am the Official Photographer of Biff da Bear
  • I also manage the Biff da Bear Twitter Feed.
  • If you want to get regular updates about what's happening here and you are on Facebook, you can like the Andrew Moor Photography Page on Facebook.

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