Collection: 9 X 6 Photographic Prints

For Photography purists. 

Ready for DIY framing and a standard size for ready-made frames and matting, This print size allows for a good image size to see detail but is also ideal for filling in that nook or smaller wall space.

These 9 X 6 prints are done using photo print quality paper from a great shop in my neighbourhood! (That means a faster turnaround time for ordering to shipping - typically only 5-7 days!)

Although the Image size is 9 X 6 -  I order them custom-printed on 10 X 8 paper.  That gives at least 1/2 inch all around the image of white space.  This makes putting the photo in your own frame much easier as you have enough of the print paper behind the mat for the mounting the print. 

Ships flat in a Photo Pack with edge protection.