Ordering Canvas Art Prints

A few notes about custom ordering art prints from Andrew Moor Photography:

Photographic Process Prints:

Images are printed using archival photo paper, and are exposed and developed using a photographic process from a digital file. THESE ARE NOT INKJET PRINTS and therefore are free from streaking and shading issues. However, you can expect minor variations in colour rendering / intensity / shading when ordering multiple copies of the same print, or if ordering another copy of a print on a different day. I try to inspect the work to ensure it is reasonably true to the image displayed here.

Like any art print, you will want to keep these dry, dust free, away from staining agents, and protected from extremes of heat, cold and humidity.


These items are shipped flat, in an envelope or simple mailing pack depending on the quantity.  

Stated print sizes specify the AREA COVERED BY THE PRINT. The actual paper size will be slightly larger to allow some space for you to mat and frame these prints yourself.

As these custom-ordered items usually require 3-5 business days to ship, please give yourself enough time from ordering to delivery date especially if you are giving them as a gift.


Framed prints are matted using a photographic white non-acid framing matte, with etched / beveled cutouts. The frame is plain black, and photos are hung on the matting using non-acidic archival quality tape.   

Typically matting adds 5 inches or so to the length and the width of your print size.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE WALL SPACE FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT.

As each piece is custom-printed and then framed for you your order will usually require 10 business days to ship, however these pieces may take longer to produce and ship during peak demand times.

Canvas Prints (Giclée Process):

Images are printed using a print-nozzle (Inkjet process) and printed directly onto canvas. Because this is an inkjet process, there may be some minor variations in the colouring within the piece.  These are usually MINOR and will not affect your overall enjoyment of the piece. The canvas is art-quality and the inks are archival. These items have a matte finish, they are not printed in a glossy style. Items are inspected prior to shipping.

Pricing for canvas prints tends to get expensive quickly for larger format prints compared to photographic process.  This is due to the higher cost of raw materials (pigment for the printer and cost of the cloth).

  • Unstretched Canvas Prints

Unstretched canvas prints are just the print on the canvas, and are usually shipped in mailing tubes to protect them. As these items are matte finish, they are typically rolled with a paper liner to protect the print surface while it is rolled up. 

You will notice on the print (if you have asked for white or black edging) that there is a border around the print. The actual printed surface with the border will be several inches larger than the print size ordered to allow room to attach or "stretch" the canvas when you get it framed yourself.

As each piece is custom-ordered, your order will usually require 5 business days to print and ship; however these pieces may take longer to produce and ship during peak demand times.

  • Stretched Canvas Prints

Stretching refers to fixing of the canvas to a wooden frame that the finished canvas print is attached to or "wrapped around" to make the fabric snug, wrinkle-free, and properly display the print.

There are 2 major "wrap" styles -- that is, how the fabric of the print is folded around the wooden frame.  There is Gallery Wrap, and Normal Wrap techniques.

For custom prints, I recommend and sell prints using "Normal Wrap".  This technique gives you the largest print size, and does not sacrifice print area to be used as part of the canvas that is "wrapped" around the wooden stretching frame. Instead, you are given the choice of a black or white border added to the original print-sized image which is then wrapped around the stretcher bars.

The result is that you don't give up any print size, and you have a nice solid colour covering the inch-or-so thick frame the canvas is stretched around.

You can always have a frame shop re-wrap a Normal Wrap piece if you change your mind about how you want it displayed or framed - as you have some extra canvas to work with; whereas if you use a Gallery Wrap, you can't easily ADD canvas to the piece to display more of the image.

As each piece is custom-printed and then wrapped on the stretcher bars for you your order will usually require 10 business days to ship, however these pieces may take longer to produce and ship during peak demand times.