Andrew Moor

Landscape and Travel photographer

My vision is to produce and share high quality pieces that inspire you to explore your neighbourhoods, your cities, outdoors, and beyond.


Andrew Moor

Brief Bio

  • Born in Montreal and grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Currently living and working in Ottawa, Ontario (for over 30 years).
  • Developing my photographic voice, and techniques for over 40 years.

My Goals

  • Deliver a high-quality image that I'm proud to display, and now, you can too.
  • Carefully chosen printing partners, materials, and processes ensure excellence.
  • Prioritize sourcing for environmental and social responsibility.

My Approach

What I am aiming for is an engaging image, maybe even a physical reaction at some level from the viewer. I love it when the finished work has that vibrancy and balance, and that attention to detail.
I work with two or three index images of my subject before I begin, so I can stay somewhat grounded in its reality. My favourite image type will capture the available light in an interesting way.
When I build a final image, like a painter I start with a lean outline. I will select a muted capture that meets my requirements for image structure; typically one to two stops under or over exposed. Once I have the foundation image set, I build; layers of light, texture, focus, and colour and expand on these until I have constructed my final image - a full colour palette and rendering of my subject with attention to details and aesthetics.

Each of my product offerings is sourced and trialed by me personally before it gets into the store. I initial my Art Prints and Photographic Prints to show that I feel they are suitable for sharing.