COVID suspends 9X6 Photo Prints (for now)

Collection: Custom Canvas Prints

Presenting the main images in the current collections. 

These are produced from high-resolution print-ready image files. After a few years of producing these - it will turn out (and the print also gets inspected and signed before it goes off to you).

Custom Canvas Prints are a great way to have all of the image without the expense or the added shipping weight or worry of having something framed in glass. 

In addition:  If you have a particular wall you are looking for something for, let me know and take a few photos of the wall under various lighting conditions.  I can always adjust the final print to make it a better match, or even recommend something for you. 

If you are already familiar with the process, I invite you to Jump Right In to the shopping!   

Canvas Prints - Select the Image and then the print format and canvas wrap options that you would like. The canvas is 100% cotton and stretched over a 1.5 inch wooden frame


  • Because these are custom orders, it can take longer to ship.
  • There may be minor variations in print colour, and manufacture due to the unique nature of each printed image.
  • For the image edge print format, some of the image is used to wrap around the wooden frame. While visually appealing, this will reduce and change how the image looks.
  • The wooden frame that the canvas is wrapped around is 1.5 inches thick.
  • To display as much as your image as possible, I offer only the black or the white canvas edges for the smaller image sizes. If you were to use an image wrap style on the smaller prints you lose 1 and 1/2 inches all around the image - which is a fair amount. 
  • The good thing about canvas is that it is fairly easy to have it re-wrapped multiple times - for example if you want to put it in a floating frame, or wrap it around larger or smaller stretch bars.