Important Catalogue Updates

Over the last few weeks I have started the overhaul of the Product Catalogue:

Notable Cards

In the Notable Cards Collection, the new look Catalog is pretty much in place for these!

Improvements include:

  • Updated Product images
  • The product grid is smoothed out
  • More uniform image sizing
  • All images are now shown as a product.

Check it out!

As these improvements roll out, look for additional images in the collection in the coming weeks.

Purple tulip card - Andrew Moor Photography

Custom Photographic Prints

This catalog improvement is pretty important and will be rolling our over the next few days. In order to help make sense of some of your options when deciding on your Canvas Print, I will have side-by-side examples of the the images (to scale).

As well, the Custom Print ordering information that will be available this weekend will show the various Canvas wrap options. The Photographic Prints Catalogue will start to feature:

  • The main listing in the Catalog for each available Photographic image will show it at the largest print size in a room setting, as in the Feature photo for this post.
  • Once you select the image you want to see on the product / purchase page, you’ll get an “index” image showing the photo and the available canvas sizes that you can order it in -right above your selection list.  
  • The first part of the roll out process to be will be the index images showing the various available print sizing. Those will be added over the next coming days.
  • Check out this example of the new look moving forward.

 Canvas Size compare Image for store - Andrew Moor Photography

NEW Collections

Also new to the Catalog are the following Categories available in the menu at the top of the Catalog page:

  • Popular Now: Available right on the Main page. This is a new section and is like a top of the Charts that features a handful of the top items by page searches and by Items added to carts, and is updated as the products change.
  • Signed: These are signed Photographic Prints that are available for sale. Originally done up for retail and for shows, they have moved to a new home online. They are ready to ship pretty much right away!
  • Seasonal / Holiday Items: Which is the next category transitioning to the new Catalog Style. This Collection will be updated every few months as the seasons change, with new image items 
  • SALE Items: As Items in the various collections go on Sale, You'll be able to browse them all in on place!

NEW To the Product Pages:

  • At the bottom of the products page you'll see a listing of other items that you might like from the various other collections.
  • Product Reviews (where available). Please consider writing a review if you have purchased something recently. 

Thanks for dropping by today! Stay Tuned for future Developments.


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