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Why I Chose to sell Canvas Photographic Prints:

In today's world, canvas prints are hands-down the most economical approach for folks looking to purchase fine art photographic prints for their home.

Canvas is a much better deal for you than a traditional framed print because with a framed photo, most of the price you are paying me is actually just to cover the framing and shipping of the photo, the actual image you purchased becomes the secondary focus of the transaction. 

The framing alone costs more than a fully ready canvas print..

Not to mention that the framed print weighs over 15 lbs which requires a heavy-duty picture hook.

As a starting point let's take a look at the selling prices for the canvas prints, which qualify for free shipping within Canada and flat-rate shipping internationally.:

 Format New Price
8 X 12 $80 CDN / $61 USD (Approx.) 
12 X 16 $130 CDN / $99 USD (Approx.)
16 X 24 $170 CDN / $130 USD (Approx.)
24 X 36 $200 CDN / $152 USD (Approx.)


Now let's compare that with the cost of a 24 X 26 framed photo

(with a 2-3 inch border all around the image making it 30 x 40 when framed).

30 X 40 black, wood or metal frame $35.00
30 X 40 acid-free matte board for the photo mask $55.00
30 X 40 non-reflective glazing for the frame $70.00
30 X 40 acid-free foam core mounting board $8.00
30 X 40 acid-free backing board  $35.00
Packing Material / Mailer $10.00
Weight of package 20 lbs 
Postage $30.00
Tax 27.69
TOTAL additional cost for the framing alone $240.69 CDN /$180 USD 


I would end up having to charge at least $400.00 for for 24 X 36 framed photo. 

So you can see, for large format framed prints, the cost I would have to charge once I add the framing, print, labour, and parts becomes pretty astronomical pretty quickly. 

That's not to say I won't do them as a custom order but there will be a certain cost to it.... to talk about special orders,  email me :


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